Travel bag Sleeve 4,3 inch for Becker Professional 43 Control

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Becker Bag Sleeve 4,3"
for Becker Professional 43 Control

Becker bag Sleeve 4,3 inch for Becker Professional 43 Control

Sportive and perfect-fitting bag Sleeve from Becker for your Becker Professional 43 Control. The bag is made of high-quality, black neoprene and has a large zipper for a comfortable taking out of your device.

The Becker bag Sleeve 4,3" has a soft padding and protects your Becker Professional 43 Control perfectly against scratches, dust and dirt during transportation and storage. Contrating coloured seams and an engraved Becker Logo bestow this Sleeve bag an exclusive appearance. A big and handy inside pocket offers you a lot of storage space for fuel- and loyalty cards or similar.


  • Sportive neoprene bag
  • Protection against dust and scratches
  • Handy inside pocket
  • Decorative seams in contrasting colour
  • Engraved Becker Logo


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