Stylus for Becker Ready 43 - Pen

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Stylus for Becker Ready 43 - Pen

Stylus for Becker Ready 43 - Pen

Stylus for Becker Ready 43. This is an universal stylus made of high-quality light-weight metal with a plastic tip. This design ensures high stability at low weight and coeval the best possible protection of the display. Furthermore, the sensitive tip of the Becker Ready 43 pen gives you a very comfortable typing and writing feeling. Thus, the screen of your Becker Ready 43 will remain free from scratches and fingerprints.

Compatible to:

  • Universal article, suitable for your Becker Ready 43 and many other PDA's and Sat Nav systems.


  • Please don't use ball pens or something similar for entering data! Their tips are much to hard and will cause scratechs on the screen!


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