Bike / Motorcycle mount for Typhoon MyGuide 6500

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Bike / motorcycle mount
with security clamping band for
Typhoon MyGuide 6500

For handlebars with 22,2 mm - 31,8 mm diameter

Bike / motorcycle mount for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 - pic 1

Bike / motorcycle mount for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 - pic 2Bike / motorcycle mount for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 - pic 3

Premium Bike / motorcycle mount for fixing your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 to the handlebar of your two-wheeler. Screw mounting to the handlebar with two non-slip patches for an optimal fixing. Thanks to its 9 cm long, stable arm made of solid plastic, this bike mount is particularly suited for motorbikes and scooters. The 4-prong ratcheting panel with a ball joint mechanism on the backseide enables a distinct and relaiable adjustment of your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 in portrait or landscape format. Your device rotates 360° and is vertically and horizontally adjustable at an inclination angle up to 60°. The adjusted position will be fixed with a locking screw after. The Bike / motorcycle mount is fitted with the QuickFix 4-prong ratcheting system. With only one click, the device holder of your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 can be installed or removed without strain. With the Secure-Fix silicone clamping band, your device will be additionally fixed to its holder.

Size: 140 x 57 x 42 mm
Weight: 81 g
Universally usable for all bikes, motorcyles and scooters

Scope of delivery:

  • Bike / Motorcycle mount for Typhoon MyGuide 6500
  • 2 non-slip patches
  • Hex tip screwdriver

Suitable for:

  • Universal product, suitable for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 and for all other devices mit 4-prong ratcheting system
  • Please note: The bike / motorcycle mount is for devices with a weight limit of 300 g. It is unsuitable for tablet computers. It is not recommended for wheelers with high engine vibrations or a hard suspension. Before driving in off-road areas, you should remove your dvice from the holder.


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