Travel charger for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 home charger

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Travel Charger for
Typhoon MyGuide 6500

Travel charger for Typhoon MyGuide 6500 home charger

High Quality generic Home/House/Wall/Travel Charger for your Typhoon MyGuide 6500. It recharges your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 at home, in the office or on the move. The travel charger fits perfectly into any standard wall outlet and comes with a built in smart security chip, which prevents your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 from being overcharged and overheated. It is very easy to use. Simply plug the charger into a wall outlet and attach the connector to your Typhoon MyGuide 6500 to start charging immediately. No more worrying about a depleted battery when you are on the go, if you have this charger with you. It's small, portable design makes it a wonderful convenience to have at home or on your travels. Great for travelers and business users.


  • In: 100-240 Volt AC
  • Out: 5V DC
  • This charger is for connecting to the charging socket of your Typhoon MyGuide 6500's sync-cable.


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