GNS FM9 TMC-Adapter for HP iPAQ devices -TMC cable

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GNS FM9 TMC adapter compatible to:
HP iPAQ devices

Note: On devices without integrated GPS receiver only usable, if you have a Bluetooth or a Compact Flash / SD-Card GPS mouse for receiving GPS signals!

GNS FM9 TMC adapter for HP iPAQ devices - TMC cable

The GNS FM9 TMC adapter is a FM RDS/TMC receiver. The TMC cable extends mobile navigation systems with integrated GPS receiver, which can only interprete GPS signals with the RDS/TMC functionality. Thus your device is enablded to use RDS/TMC signals too. The traffic messages received from the GNS FM9 TMC adapter are forwarded to the navigation software, so that an alternative route can be calculated under consideration of the new traffic conditions.

The installation of the GNS FM9 TMC adapter is very easy. The TMC cable is principly an alternative car charger and will be used exactly like this. Just plug the socket of the cable antenna from the scope of delivery or alternatively, the jack of an optional Y-antenna splitter for the vehicle's radio antenna into the small box at the upper end of the TMC cable - That's all! Thanks to your device and your GNS FM9 TMC adapter, you'll never more need to wait in the traffic jam.

Of Course, the GNS FM9 TMC Adapter for your device is also TMC Pro compatible.

>Compatible to:

  • HP iPAQ H2200 family, H2210, H2212, H2215
  • HP iPAQ H3800 family, H3850, H3870
  • HP iPAQ H3900 family, H3950, H3970
  • HP iPAQ H4100 family, H4150
  • HP iPAQ H5500 family, H5550
  • HP iPAQ HW6500 family, HW6510, HW6515
  • HP iPAQ HW6900 family, HW6910, HW6915
  • HP iPAQ HX2100 family, HX2110, HX2115, HX2190, HX2195
  • HP iPAQ HX2400 family, HX2410, HX2490
  • HP iPAQ HX2700 family, HX2750, HX2790
  • HP iPAQ HX4700 family
  • HP iPAQ RX1900 family, RX1950
  • HP iPAQ RX3700 family, RX3715
  • HP iPAQ RZ1700 family, RZ1710

Not compatible to:

  • HP iPAQ H1900 family, H1915, H1930, H1940
  • HP iPAQ H3600 family
  • HP iPAQ H3700 family, H3760
  • HP iPAQ H6300 family, H6340

Following Navigation software is supported by the GNS FM9 TMC Adapter:

  • Destinator PN, Destinator 6 und Destinator 7
  • Navigon MN|5, MN|6, MN|7 and MN|8
  • Medion Navigator - all versions
  • Medion GoPal - all versions
  • Falk Navigator TMC Edition
  • Marco Polo Navigator 3
  • Mio Map - V2 and V3
  • iGO - all versions
  • ALK CoPilot - all versions
  • Route 66 - all versions
In the box:
  • GNS FM9 TMC adapter for HP iPAQ devices - TMC cable
  • Cable antenna with 2,5mm phone plug


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